Miss Christine Greer



Degrees and Certifications:

Social Studies with an Art minor at Azusa Pacific University Masters in Teaching at Simmons College Currently working on a Masters in American History and Government at Ashland University

Miss Christine Greer

We live in such a complex world and what I love about studying and teaching history, economics, and government is that it helps the individual better understand why we do what we do. These subjects empower one to develop a better understanding of the how and why our global and local societies operate. Human interaction is fascinating and complex and, in studying this subject, my hope is that students will feel more empowered to make the kind of change they would like to see in their communities. I believe that learning and teaching is one of the most exciting and delightful experiences and I ADORE our Livermore community so much. I am amazed at the candor and deep insight that our students have to offer and am very honored to be a part of this incredible learning environment.