Degrees and Certifications:

Heather Sinnott

This is my eighth year teaching 6th grade math and science and my first year at Mendenhall.  I am very excited for this year!!!

I grew up in Livermore and woud have come to Mendenhall if my family did not move.  I have always wanted to come back to Livermore.  I went to St. Mary's for my undergraduate and graduate school.  I have a a Multiple Subject credential and a Masters in the Art of Teaching.  I am currently going to Las Positas to add to my credential.  Math and Science are my favorite subjects.

In 6th grade math, we use a variety of strategies and rigorous content to engage and challenge all math scholars.  The content will include some 7th grade topics to prepare for the next year.  Students will investigate and solve problems both individually and in teams, participate in class discussions, use multiple methods (including visual models), collaborate on projects, and develop conceptual understanding with hands-on and interactive activities.  We’ll learn and practice vocabulary with math songs and chants.  Be prepared to work hard, struggle productively, share your creative thinking, make and celebrate mistakes, learn from each other, and have fun!