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Doctorate: Doctorate in Education in Educational Equity, December 2011 University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California Masters: Masters of Science in Education, Reading Option, August, 1999 California State University, Hayward Bachelors: B.A. in History, B.A. in Political Science, May 1992 University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California Credentials: • Professional Administrative Credential, July, 2004 • Reading Recovery certificate, June 1996 • Multiple Subject Professional Clear Credential, May 1993

Dr. Diane Mukerjee

Welcome to Mrs. Mukerjee's 6th Grade CORE Webpage!

In 6th grade CORE, we cover content that is exciting and challenging!  

 Course Description:

6th Grade English emphasizes critical reading of various literary selections and analysis through discussion, essays, projects, and speeches. Students will examine the links among culture, history, and literature. We will also focus on grammar, language mechanics, vocabulary and writing.

In Social studies, we study the people and events that ushered in the dawn of the major Western and non-Western ancient civilizations. Geography is of special significance in the development of the human story. Students develop higher levels of critical thinking by considering why civilizations developed where and when they did, why they became dominant, and why they declined. Students analyze the interactions among the various cultures, emphasizing their enduring contributions and the link, despite time, between the contemporary and ancient worlds.