• LEAP art program

    Connecting our students to the arts, LEAP, the Lawrence Elementary Art Program, was created
    by a team of dedicated parents who saw the need to promote arts education in our classrooms.
    LEAP is proud to offer 6 monthly lessons throughout the school year focusing on art history and
    application. Each lesson introduces the students to an artist, art element and a hands-on activity
    promoting self-expression and creativity. To celebrate our students' work we host an Art Show in the Spring!

    Our program is 100% volunteer run and we’d love for you to join our team. Art Guides are asked
    to attend a one-time training in the Fall and volunteer 1-2 hours a month at a time that’s
    convenient for them. No experience in art necessary, all lessons are pre-written,
    step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and more! Come learn about famous artists
    and get your hands dirty!