Registration Information

    • Student athletes must complete their online registration through Home Campus including a signed parent permission form and a physical examination form signed by a medical doctor before they are permitted to participate in a practice or a contest. There are no circumstances under which a coach may allow a student to participate before these documents are submitted and verified.

      Athletes must have up-to-date physicals (within the last calendar year) and at least a 2.0 GPA in the most recent trimester in order to be eligible for athletics  

  • P.E. Waiver
    Students must qualify for the LHS PE waiver during their SOPHOMORE YEAR and the trimester corresponding with their sport.  Requirements:
    • Passed the Fitness Gram Freshman year.
    • Earned a “B” or higher in Freshman PE.
    • Earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the previous 3 trimesters.
    • Is a full time LHS student.
    • Participates in and completes an Interscholastic Sport.
    1. Student will receive a waiver form from the Athletic Director (AD).
    2. Student turns in the completed form to the AD.
    3. AD will verify student has met requirements.
    4. AD to sign waiver and make the schedule changes with the counselor.
    5. Counselor will add PE Exemption to schedule and replace PE with a course.
    6. Waiver should not be used for an open period.
    7. Human Performance is encouraged.
    Click on the P.E. Exemption Form link below to download and print: