Welcome to Livermore Adult Education Computer Skills Program

  • Our class is from Feb 22, 2023 to June 1, 2023.

    You have a choice of AM or PM class.

    9:30am to 12pm Tuesdays and Thursdays @ Marylin Ave School Site

    5:30pm to 8pm Mondays and Wednesdays @ Livermore Adult Education

Digital Literacy
  • Computers are an important part of today’s modern world (Internet search, Emailing, job search, supporting your  K-12 children’s learning, etc). At Livermore Adult Education, we teach the essential ideas of computers to adult learners with no prior computer experience.


    These are the modules you will be learning:

    Essential to Computer Skills (starting Feb 22, 2023)

    1. Basic Computer Skills
    2. Internet Basics
    3. Using Email
    4. Windows 10
    5. Mac OS

        Essential to Software Skills (coming soon)

    1. Microsoft Word Office 2016
    2. Microsoft Excel Office 2016
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint Office 2016
    4. Google Docs

    Technology in Daily Life (TBD, 2023)

    1. Social Media
    2. Information Literacy
    3. Career Search Skills
    4. Accessing Telehealth Appointments
    5. Your Digital Footprint
    6. Supporting K-12 Distance Learning

    After mastering all 15 modules with badges/certifications, you will graduate with a portfolio ( or an E-portfolio) to present your technology skills in pursuit of  more advanced training or career pathways elsewhere.