• LHS PTSA lists commonly used forms in the page below. For general CA PTA Forms please click HERE.

    If you are looking for a form and cannot find it, please contact us at

    Fundraising Forms

    LHS ASB Activities Request Form

    *NOTE: All PTSA programs and PTSA Safe & Sober Grad Night events MUST be approved by membership. The LHS office will ONLY accept forms submitted by authorized individuals.

    Financial Forms

    Request for Reimbursement
    Deposit and Cash Verification Form

    *NOTE: For every LHS PTSA financial transaction, the requestor or program chairperson must complete one of these forms to document the transaction. Requests for reimbursement require a copy of the receipt(s), and if related to an activity, must be signed by the activity Chair to verify that the requested reimbursement is approved by the committee as part of the budgeted funds for that activity. ALL items of deposit require an accompanying Deposit & Cash Verification Form in order to be credited to the program activity. This includes cash (**two verification signatures are required for all cash deposits**), checks and electronic transfers or deposits (including PayPal and Square transfers).

    Please submit the forms and supporting documentation to the LHS PTSA Treasurer for processing.


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