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Meet the Livermore High Culture Keepers

  • Culture Keepers are special students who make it possible to have an intentional culture on campus; one which creates safer spaces at school for students to speak their truths and to listen to others without judgment, both inside and outside of the classroom. They are the leaders who champion mental health through systems and processes, tools and communication, and personal relationships.

    Culture Keeper Spotlight

    Rachel Hendry
    Rachel Hendry, Culture Keeper and
    Livermore High senior.

    A Message from Rachel Hendry about Burnout:
    Although school seems to come easy to me as a student and my classwork is done on time, I still experience burnout. Lot's of times I work to get a long list of things done in attempt to make the list shorter the next day. Truth is, the list just continues to get longer and longer, which in return, creates a load of stress that leads to numbness and a lack of motivation.

    Rachel's 3 Tips to Avoid Burnout

    • Take an hour to get exercise or do an activity outside of your room or office area.
    • Set reasonable goals for the day or week.
    • Allow yourself to rest. When the work that is needed to be done is done, take a step back (it's okay to not always be ahead).

    Emma Goulart
    Emma Goulart, Culture Keeper and
    Livermore High senior.

    A Message from Emma Goulart about Staying Active:
    We all need to get out and move our bodies. Our physical health and mental health are equally as important. If you're not physically active you can actually be declining your mental health. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself engaged and active on the daily! 

    Emma's 3 Tips to Stay Active

    • Make time for physical activity. Without the time you'll never actually do it because you'll be too busy.
    • Being physically active doesn't have to mean working out or having a routine. It means moving you body. This can be a walk, yoga, or anything else you want it to be.
    • Hold yourself accountable. Do your best not to miss a day of exercise, and if you are struggling, ask a friend to help hold you accountable.


Mental Health Tips - For Students, By Students

  • Phone Usage - by Culture Keeper Michael Maloney
    In the document below, learn about the negative effects of excessive phone use and what you can do about it.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Recognizing Loneliness - by Culture Keeper and LHS Graduate, Rachel Hendry, with the support of Horizons Family Counseling.

    How to Recognize Loneliness in a Classmate

    1. Learn the signs of loneliness and social isolation.
    2. Reach out and help.
    3. Start with "Hello".

Taking a Brave Breath for Elementary Students

  • When you're feeling worried, anxious, stressed out or scared, practicing deep breathing can help your body to relax and feel calm. Choose Love calls this taking a Brave Breath. Watch this short video to learn and practice how to take a Brave Breath. 

How To Take a Brave Breath

The Brave Breath by the LHS Culture Keepers

Rainbow Breathing for Middle and High School Students

  • Rainbow Breathing is a mindfulness tool you can use when you're feeling stressed. In Rainbow Breathing, you focus on a color of the rainbow while moving your arms in a rainbow shape and taking a deep breath.  Watch this short video to learn and practice how to do Rainbow Breathing.

Rainbow Breathing by the LHS Culture Keepers