Independent Study Program

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    The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District's Independent Study Program is managed through Vineyard Alternative School. 

    Vineyard School is an alternative education school for students in grades TK-12.  It provides an independent study approach to learning with the guidance of teachers.  Our independent study program is voluntary and uses alternative instructional strategies that respond to individual student needs and learning styles.  We offer a variety of learning models such as one-on-one instructional time with teachers, small group instruction and blended learning using online options to help meet the personal and educational needs of each student and help them attain their goals. 

    If you are interested in becoming part of the Vineyard School community and would like more information, please feel free search under "FAQs" or connect with us by phone - 925-606-4722.

    FAQ's for Prospective Students and Parents

    1. What is Vineyard Independent Study?
    Vineyard School is a public school alternative offered through the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD). Vineyard School is a fully WASC accredited high school. We offer UC/CSU approved college preparatory classes. In this program, you can receive personalized instruction from your teacher and create an individualized study plan that provides flexibility. Your success depends on you and your goals.  Vineyard Alternative School is not a continuation school.

    2. How do I enroll?

    • If you are a student in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD), the process to enroll at Vineyard Alternative School for the independent study program involves completing an intra-district transfer. This document can be found on the Livermore Schools website under Student Services at During the school year, you will need to start a request with your current school site administrator.

    • If you are new to the District, register at your residence school. If you are interested in the independent study program, you can complete the intra-district transfer at that time. During the school year, you will need to start a request with your current school site administrator.

    • If you have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you will need to have an IEP meeting to ensure independent study is appropriate (part of the federal mandate of IDEA (FAPE)) for you before a change of placement is finalized to attend Vineyard Alternative School. Speak with the site administrator to begin the process.  

    3. What are the classes like?
    At Vineyard Alternative School, elementary and middle school students are assigned one or two teachers for all of the school subjects. High school students work with content teachers based on the courses they are taking. All students are given assigned meeting times that can be online or in person. Appointment times vary and are based on the grade level of the student and the subject area as well as the model of instruction being utilized (one-to-one, small group instruction, or blended learning). Students are expected to complete and submit assignments every week before other assignments are given, and take any necessary exams. 

    4. Will I get a diploma?
    Yes, Vineyard is an accredited high school offering the same diplomas as traditional high schools.

    5. Can I take courses not offered at Vineyard?
    Concurrent enrollment at other schools is offered, but some restrictions apply. Contact the Vineyard office for more information.

    6. Can I graduate early?
    Yes. The graduation requirements for Vineyard are the same as other Livermore schools. You have the opportunity to work ahead and you can receive your diploma as soon as these requirements are met. We welcome early graduates to come back and participate in our graduation ceremony in early June.

    7. Will I still be able to participate in sports/other activities?
    Yes. You may participate in sports at other Livermore schools, but as with concurrent enrollment, restrictions and requirements apply. Please contact the Vineyard office or consult the Vineyard handbook for more information.

    8. How is Vineyard for High School Students different from homeschool?
    At Vineyard, high school students have individual teachers, who teach and guide them through their academic progress. Although we encourage parent involvement and consistent communication, unlike homeschool, parents are not the primary coordinators of their high school students' coursework.

    9. What are the courses I can take?
    Courses and descriptions can be found in the Vineyard Course Catalog.