LVJUSD COVID-19 Case Dashboard


    LVJUSD will report all confirmed COVID-19 cases among staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 and are physically present at district schools and facilities during their infectious period for COVID-19. The infectious period begins two days before the onset of symptoms. If the case did not have symptoms, the infectious period is considered to be two days prior to the testing date. Note that staff includes all employees including contractors, substitutes, and others working at LVJUSD schools and facilities.


    We will not report cases that occur during school holidays, travel or other circumstances where the COVID-19 case was not present at a school or district facility during the infectious period. Additionally, community cases among individuals or groups using a district facility when students and staff are not present (such as use of a play structure over a weekend) are not reported. 


    The dashboard will be updated daily by 5pm on school days. For confidentiality purposes, names and identifying information are not reported, and students and staff cases are reported together in a single category.

COVID Positive Cases of Staff & Students (August 23, 2021 - Present)

  • * Information updated regularly and as cases are confirmed. Current positive cases are cumulative since August 23, 2021.
    ** Includes itinerant employees who are based at the District Office and may travel to other sites.
    ***Includes Kitchen staff assigned to other sites