Reopening Information

  • Reopening Plan

    We began our path toward reopening schools with our elementary grades, PK-5, following the guidance of the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE). As of November 9, we are now able to plan for the reopening of our middle and high schools, also following ACOE guidance. Our 60-person Reopening Task Force comprised of parents, teachers, principals, District staff, Leadership, and Board members has met for several months to provide informed recommendations to District Leadership as we plan for the reopening of elementary schools. The Task Force will reconvene and expand to include middle and high school students, as we revisit the proposed schedules for middle and high school hybrid learning that were developed over the summer and are available in the LVJUSD 2020-21 School Year Handbook. The Reopening Plan provides information and assurances that apply to all grade levels, PK - 12.

    The following information is specific to elementary school reopening. We have determined that bringing our elementary students back to campus will occur in one of two ways: by shifting to a hybrid learning model or by adding optional in-person support hubs to full time distance learning. Our elementary families are being asked to commit to a path for their students.

    Understanding the Options

    Before completing the survey that will be emailed to elementary families asking for a commitment to an option, please be sure to explore the following:

    1. Read the 11.6.20 IMPORTANT Hybrid & Reopening Plan Information for Elementary Families emailed to you or review the key points below.
    2. Watch the video: LVJUSD Elementary Reopening: Understanding the Hybrid Model. Also available in Spanish.
    3. Read the LVJUSD Reopening Plan that has been submitted to the Alameda Office of Education (ACOE). (The plan was submitted on November 12, 2020; the draft plan has been available on the website until the final plan was submitted.)
  • Hybrid or Distance Learning Plus Support Hubs

    As a district, our elementary grades will follow one of these two paths:

    • (A) We will shift to a hybrid model


    • (B) We will all remain in distance learning and add the option of in-person support hubs until we are able to reopen our schools fully

    As a reminder, we have made the commitment to continue to offer distance learning to our students who prefer that model. Even if our district chooses hybrid, students may remain in distance learning. If our district chooses for everyone to remain in distance learning, everyone will also have the option participating in support hubs (described below).

    (A)The Hybrid Model for Elementary Grades

    Schedule Overview:

    • This model of instruction offers a hybrid - a mixture - of in-person and online learning.
    • Students will attend school for in-person learning 4 days per week (M,T,Th,F) in either the AM (8:00-10:45) or PM (12:15-3:00). This time on campus will replace the online class meetings students currently have with teachers and classmates in distance learning (on Zoom, Google Meet, or WebEx).
    • Students will continue to work independently for part of each day, during some of the time they are not in class, as they do now during distance learning. (This is asynchronous learning.)
    • Wednesdays will continue as asynchronous learning days at home, as they are now, and will still include an online morning meeting for all students.
    • Since teachers will be teaching students in both the morning and the afternoon, they will not be available online when your child is not in class. 

    Important Details About the Move to Hybrid - even for students who stay in distance learning:

    • A hybrid model will require us to rebuild classes based on the number of students who select hybrid and the number who remain in distance learning.  
    • Some teachers will teach hybrid classes and some will teach distance classes. One teacher will not teach both.
    • As a result, many students will be assigned a new teacher and class. Students who move to hybrid and students who remain in distance will both be impacted by this decision. 
    • Some students may even be assigned to a new school site.
    • Some teachers will not be available to teach in-person because of their own health concerns of those of a family member.
    • Because this move will greatly impact all students and teachers, our Reopening Task Force recommends that a supermajority (67%) commitment to hybrid be attained before implementing this model.

    How We Would Transition to Hybrid Learning:

    Because the transition to a hybrid model requires us to rebuild existing classes, we will need several weeks before we can start. We would first bring to school students in grades 1 and 2, followed in two weeks by students in grades TK, K, and 3, and then by students in grades 4 and 5, in a phased-in approach over a 4-week period. 

    Our Reopening Task Force has strongly recommended that we begin the transition no earlier than January 19, 2021. This date follows Alameda County Public Health Department’s guidance and would allow a two-week period following the last major holiday (New Year’s) for people to stay home and stay healthy. It has also been suggested that an earlier date, prior to Winter Break, could be considered. When you receive the survey, you will be able to indicate your commitment and your preferred start date. Note: At the November 10, 2020 School Board Meeting, members directed LVJUSD staff to plan for the January date.

    (B)The Distance Learning Plus In-Person Support Hubs Model for Elementary Grades

    • If we do not make the move to a hybrid schedule, all elementary grades will remain in distance learning until we can fully reopen for all students full time.
    • Classes will not be restructured; students will remain with their current teachers and classmates. 
    • Distance learning will continue in the mornings and follow the current schedule.
    • Optional support hubs will provide in-person opportunities at school for students to connect with staff and other students outside of class time.
    • Support hubs will be the size of acceptable cohorts - about 15 students - and will focus on both educational support and enrichment (i.e. math support, science labs, art) and on social emotional needs (i.e. Kid Connection, physical activity, clubs).
    • Support hubs will be developed by each school.

    If the decision is made to remain in distance learning until we can fully return to school and to add support hubs to provide in-person options, we can begin planning support hubs immediately. To begin that process, so that you can share your ideas and get a sense of what these hubs could offer, please share your ideas about what kinds of hubs you would like to see at your child’s school by participating in this Thoughtexchange: Planning for Elementary In-Person Support Hubs.

  • Sample Hybrid Schedules

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