Emotional Regulation / Self Control

  • Parent Tips

    • Help your child to identify the signals their body sends to them when they’re upset. 
    • Ask questions such as: Do you feel tightness in your chest? Do your shoulders become tense and scrunch up? Does your face feel warm? Do your eyes squint? Does your brow furrow? Do you talk loudly or shout?
    • Practice taking Brave Breaths with your child:  
      • Inhale slowly from your belly up to your nose; exhale through your mouth, all the way back down to your belly. 
      • For some people it helps to pretend they’re smelling a flower when breathing in and blowing out a candle when breathing out. 
      • Inhale for about 3 seconds, exhale for 4 to 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times. 
    • Talk with your child about options for dealing with emotions in positive ways, e.g., talk to an adult, walk away, draw a picture, write in a journal, take Brave Breaths.
    • Support your child’s choice of options discussed and help them move on.

Setting a Goal

  • Parent Tips

    • Talk with your child about achievable goals and brainstorm ideas. For example, making his bed every morning for the week. 
    • Have your child write down his/her goal and post it where he/she will see it regularly.
    • Discuss strategies to help your child reach the goal. For example, post a note reminding your child to make his/her bed each morning or, have a chart with the days listed so that your child can make a check each day after making the bed.
    • Provide positive feedback for small steps and for reaching the goal.