Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs About Trimester 3 Survey & Learning Options

  • The Survey

    • Can I change my mind after I submit my responses?
      • While the survey is still open, you may email any changes to Leslie Lemieux ( We will use your responses to finalize schedules for Trimester 3, so any changes made after the survey is closed may impact the schedules of many students. We will work with you to support your needs.
    • When will we know the results of the survey?
      • We will share the results of the survey within a week after we close it. It will take several weeks before we are able to finalize Trimester 3 schedules.
    • Are we still looking for a 2/3 vote?
      • We are using the results of this Trimester 3 survey to be able to adjust schedules, as needed, to serve all students. The 2/3 “supermajority” was a recommendation from the Reopening Task Force to ensure that changes were not made unless most families wanted change. Our Board did not regard the 2/3 recommendation as essential, so that is no longer a factor.

    School Day Structure & Schedule

    • What will the schedule look like for in-person learning? 
      • Our survey results will provide us with the information we need to develop schedules for in-person learning. The number of days students come to school will depend on:
        1. the number of students who want to learn in person at school;
        2. the need to maintain physical distancing protocols (currently 6'); and
        3. the total number of students and staff the Health Department will allow on a school campus at one time.  
      • Elementary - We have several possible in-person schedules that are dependent upon knowing the number of students who want to come back to school. We are still seeking solutions that would allow the greatest number of students to stay with their current teachers. Options being considered include the AM/PM model or an alternating day model. It should be noted that students who opt for in-person instruction may still need to complete some work independently.
      • Middle - A middle school in-person schedule will likely be an alternating day model in which students attend school two full days each week. Those students would work independently for the rest of their instructional time.
      • High - As is the case with the middle school schedule, a high school schedule will likely be an alternating day model in which students attend school two full days each week. Those students would work independently for the rest of their instructional time.
    •  The letter sent with the survey alluded to a “pre-COVID” schedule? What does that mean?
      • We are planning to implement a daily bell schedule that looks more like what we were used to before COVID required us to shift to distance learning. Basically, for middle and high school, school would start in the morning and classes would go in order from starting with period 1. While students engaged in distance learning will not typically be online the entire class period, all classes will start at the same time. This will allow teachers at the middle and high school level to teach in-person and distance courses, as needed.
    • What will the class sizes be for in-person learning?
      • While the square footage and layouts of classrooms vary, the need to maintain 6’ of distance between students requires that class sizes be about 15 students or fewer on average.
    • Are we still looking at the possibility of students attending a different school?
      • Our intention is to keep all students at their existing school sites. However, there may be a few circumstances that would necessitate a change in school. Any student asked to change school sites will only affect the balance of this school year. Students will return to their original school for the 21-22 school year. We will contact parents/guardians with placement information in advance of making the change.
        For high school students who remain in distance learning, students may receive instruction from teachers from both comprehensive high schools. A student’s school assignment or affiliation will not change, but in order to accommodate class schedule needs, students from LHS and GHS may be combined.  
    • When will we know if our teacher is going to stay in distance or move to in-person teaching?
      • Once the new class lists have been completed, we will communicate the class placement of each student and their teacher.
    • When will we be notified of our new classes?
      • Students will be notified of their Trimester 3 schedules approximately a week before the start of T3.
    • Will my middle school child be able to keep her same teachers? 
      • Our goal is to maintain student-teacher continuity to the greatest extent possible. However, we cannot guarantee that a middle school or high school student will remain with all of their original teachers. 
    • Why are we getting new classes on March 10th if we may not be able to return to school until after March 10th?
      • High school students and middle school students, to an extent, have a natural transition of classes at the start of Trimester 3 (March 10) and will therefore begin their new schedules whether or not we return to in-person instruction on that day so that all students who choose in-person learning will be able to return without further disruption to their classes.
        Elementary students’ restructured in-person and distance learning classes will be finalized and ready to activate as early as March 10. However, if in-person instruction is delayed beyond March 10, we may choose to keep students and teachers in their original classes until in-person instruction begins.

    Curriculum & Academics

    • Will the course content be the same for distance or in-person learning?
      • Curriculum standards and content will be the same for both distance and in-person learning.
    • Will high school students still be able to complete the second part of a yearlong course, even if the schedule changes in Trimester 3?
      • Yes, students will be able to complete part B of a yearlong course scheduled for Trimester 3. Seniors, in particular, will not have their graduation progress interrupted. There may be a situation in which an elective course may need to be postponed for students in other grades. It is our intent to maintain as much consistency as possible as we transition to Trimester 3.
    • What if a student has an AP or IB course and half the class wants distance learning and the other half wants in-person learning?
      • Students enrolled in AP or IB courses will not have their learning interrupted. Depending on whether the teacher is assigned to distance or in-person, and depending on the actual number of students requesting a specific course, we could potentially offer two sections, one at school and one online. It may also be possible that all students would need to take this particular class online.  
    • Will seniors be able to complete their graduation requirements regardless of whether they choose distance or in-person learning?
      • Yes, a student’s choice for in-person learning or distance learning will not impact their ability to meet graduation requirements.
    • What happened to the plan for support hubs? If we opt for distance learning, will there be opportunities for support hubs or some on-campus socialization?
      • We would like to be able to offer support hubs once we have been in the red tier for two weeks. Our ability to provide support hubs and in-person instruction will depend on the number of students we feel we can safely manage on our school sites at one time.

    Safety Protocols

    • Will elementary students who return to school for in-person learning have recess?
      • Yes, students will have recess. We will most likely restrict the use of play structures, balls, and other items that students would normally touch and share. 
    • Will there be social distancing at lunch and in class?
      • Yes, the recommended physical distancing protocol (currently 6’) will apply to all on-campus activities.
    • Will students have to change clothes for P.E.?
      • Based on current health protocols, we do not plan to have students change clothes for P.E.
    • How will social distancing be handled in the bathrooms? Will bathrooms be monitored?
      • We will limit the number of people in bathrooms at one time by posting signs and providing supervision.

    COVID-19 Prevention & Guidelines

    • What happens if County guidelines change?
      • We will adapt our reopening plans to meet any changing requirements set forth by the Alameda County Public Health Department.
    • Is there a district plan to vaccinate our teachers before March 10?
      • The availability of vaccines and the process for administering them is being facilitated by the Alameda County Public Health Department. ACPHD is in the process of establishing protocols for administering vaccines to Phase 1B categories, which includes educators, starting on February 8, 2021. Our District has the necessary medical staff training, oversight and equipment to administer vaccines to our staff as soon as supply becomes available. 
    • Will there be vaccination requirements for students before returning to in-person learning?
      • Vaccine requirements for schools are determined by the State. At this time, the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for students to attend in-person learning, as the vaccines currently manufactured have not been approved for populations under the age of 16. 
    • Will teachers and staff be tested on a regular basis?
      • All staff members are screened prior to entering their work site each day. In addition, our district has entered into a contract with Curative to provide ongoing, regular testing of staff members. Initial testing began in January 2021 and is scheduled to continue indefinitely, testing all staff members on a monthly basis. 
    • What is the plan for contact tracing and notifications of positive cases? 
      • We are following the protocols established by the State and County for confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 in a school or District facility. Details can be found on page 9 of LVJUSD’s California Safe Schools Plan.
    • What is the plan for health screenings?
      • Students coming on campus for in-person instruction will be required to complete a daily health screening prior to arrival. Details can be found on page 5 of LVJUSD’s California Safe Schools Plan
    • Can you provide an overview of the health and safety standards that will be in place if students return to in-person learning?
    • Will Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be provided for students who forget to bring their masks?
      • Yes, school sites have disposable face coverings, as well as additional forms of PPE for students and staff in need.

     Please use this form to submit any additional questions: Trimester 3 Learning Options Questions.