• Nightly Homework

    Monday through Thursday a nightly math assignment will be assigned. This assignment will be practice from the day's math lesson. Math is due the following day.


    Weekly Log

    Reading Log - Every Friday a reading log will be sent home. Each child will need to read 20 minutes each night, write the book title, minutes and pages read, and a brief summary of the day's reading.

    Typing Log - On the back side of the reading log is a typing.com log. Each child needs to spend a minimum of 15 minutes on two seperate days practicing typing. Make sure to sign into typing.com through the Clever link on the resources page of this website.

    Fact Practice Log - On the back of the reading log is the math fact practice log. Each child should be spending a minimum of 2 days a week practicing math facts for 5-10 minutes. These can be done on the computer, with flash cards, being quizzed in the car, or any other creative way you can think of.


    Weekly logs are due every Friday.