State Test Results

How Can I Access My Child's State Testing Results?

  • State test results, mailed home in the past, will now be available to you online! Results of CAASPP and ELPAC tests for students in grades TK - 11 will be available to you as soon as the tests have been scored at Illuminate Parent Portal. (Please note that tests are scored in batches and may become available at varied times.) You will be able to create your own account using a unique access code that will enable you to see the test scores of all of your children, in one place.

    Look for the Illuminate Parent Portal icon on your school's and our district's homepage!      
    parent portal global icon

How to Create an Illuminate Account

  • 1. Go to Illuminate Parent Portal and click the Create Account link. (We recommend using Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox are not recommended with Illuminate.)

              Illuminate log in

    2. You will be redirected to the account page where you will fill in the boxes with your information. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and phone number in the boxes provided.

              Account info

    3. Enter the access code you received in an email from Curriculum Department. The access code must be entered exactly as it appears. You may want to copy and paste it to ensure accuracy.
    4. Enter a password you would like to use. Note that your password is "case sensitive,” meaning that any uppercase or lowercase letters you use now must be typed in exactly the same way later for the password to work.
    5. Type the exact same password again.
    Click Submit. You will receive confirmation of your registration, and will be redirected to your child’s or children’s scores.

    Note: You only need to register once. In the future, you will log in with your email and password.