GED Preparation Classes

  • Livermore Adult Education students will be working on their GED preparation courses online; however, the teacher will be hosting/tutoring Math/Algebra 1 sessions in person with small groups or one-on-one.  Synchronous check in discussion will be held at least once a month either in person or remotely by your choose. 

    Any California resident, 18 years or older, who does not have a high school diploma is eligible to take the Official GED Test. Click here for information on California GED Test policies, including exceptions to age requirement. 

    The GED Test is made up of four subject tests:

    1. Reasoning Through Language Arts

    2. Mathematical Reasoning

    3. Science

    4. Social Studies

    There are no classes required to take the GED Test, although many people choose to take classes to help them prepare for the test.

    All coursework is completed online. You will work with your teacher to develop a learning plan that best meets your needs. You may choose to meet with your teacher in person or remotely. You may choose a combination of in person and remote learning. 

    Before starting class, you will take a pre-test to determine what exactly what you need to study to be prepared to pass the test. You will work together with your teacher to develop a study plan. You can remain enrolled in GED Preparation Classes for as long as you need to successfully pass all four subject tests.

    New student registrations happen monthly. The steps to registering for the GED Preparation Program are:

    1. Complete an online Student Registration Form. Click here for the Student Registration Form.

    2. Sign up for an Orientation and Testing Session. You will receive a link to the signup page when you complete the Student Registration Form

    3. On the day of your Orientation, you will meet with the Adult Education Coordinator. At this time, you will be given a class schedule.

    4. Begin class on determined day.

    5. Keep your eyes on the prize, attend class regularly, and work consistently between class sessions.

    6. Take one Official GED subject test.

    7. Repeat steps 4 & 5 three more times.

    8. Pass the GED Test!

    9. Earn a Certificate of High School Equivalency from the California Department of Education.


    Livermore Adult Education Registration Form