GED Preparation Classes

  • Any California resident, 18 years or older, who does not have a high school diploma is eligible to take the Official GED Test. Click here for information on California GED Test policies, including exceptions to age requirement. 

    The GED Test is made up of four subject tests:

    1. Reasoning Through Language Arts
    2. Mathematical Reasoning
    3. Science
    4. Social Studies

    There are no classes required to take the GED Test, although many people choose to take classes to help them prepare for the test. Livermore Adult Education offers GED Preparation Classes Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 pm  -  8:30 pm. Before starting class, each student takes a pre-test to determine what they need to study to be prepared to pass the test. The student and the teacher work together to develop a study plan. The student remains enrolled in the GED Preparation class for as long is needed to prepare for the test. Cllick here to begin the registration process.

    Steps to enroll in the GED Preparation Class at Livermore Adult Education:

    1. Sign up for a GED First Steps: Orientation and Testing Session.
    2. Complete orientation and testing on the chosen date.
    3. Start class on date indicated.
    4. Keep your eyes on the prize, attend class regularly, and work consistently between class sessions.
    5. Take one Official GED subject test.
    6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 three more times
    7. Pass the GED Test!
    8. Earn a Certificate of High School Equivalency from the California Department of Education.