High School Diploma Program

  • The Adult High School Diploma Program allows students 18-years-old and over to earn a high school diploma. To earn a diploma from Livermore Adult School, a student must have 170 credits in specific classes. Click here for a breakdown of the required classes. All classes consist of a combination of class time and independent work. Students must attend class Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 8:30 pm as well as complete course work outside of class. It takes approximately one school year to complete 50 credits. 

    New student registrations happen monthly. The steps to registering for the High School Diploma Program are:

    1. Obtain an official copy of your high school transcript.
    2. Call Livermore Adult Education, 925-606-4722,  to schedule an appointment with the Vice Principal for a transcript review. 
    3. During transcript review, schedule an appointment for pre-testing.
    4. Begin class on determined day.
    5. Keep your eye on the prize, stay focused, and work consistently.
    6. Earn a high school diploma!