Mission Statement

  • Each student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world.


Vision Statement

  • The vision statement of Junction Avenue K-8 School is reflected in PAWS: Partnership, Accountability, Wellness, and Safety.


    • School will facilitate a collaborative culture between staff, students, parents, and community members.
    • Junction welcomes and encourages outside community group partnerships.
    • Families will be offered a variety of services to address needs in the areas of counseling, after school intervention, bilingual and family services, special education services, community wellness and other academic and mental health support.


    • Students will work to their maximum potential by studying rigorous curriculum through differentiated instruction and critical thinking.
    • Students will attain knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to succeed and thrive in a changing world.
    • Students will be supported by the staff and the leadership team  through the implementation of a school wide positive behavior intervention system.
    • School will provide common core aligned curriculum and assessments by credentialed staff.
    • In addition, students in our Dual Immersion program build the skills necessary to meet the academic standards while simultaneously becoming bilingual and biliterate in Spanish and English.


    • Students who qualify will be offered nutritious “free and reduced” breakfast and lunch.  All students will receive an education regarding positive nutrition choices.
    • Students will be provided with skills that focus on mindfulness, metacognition, social interaction and other positive behavioral support.
    • Staff will support and provide interventions based on students individual needs.
    • Students will be taught and encouraged to have a growth mindset, where they believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others.
    • Students will have opportunities for team and intramural sports during lunchtime and after school.


    • Students will receive character building education.
    • Staff will provide a safe, supportive, and enriching learning environment made up of a diverse population of global citizens.
    • Junction will be an equitable, safe, nurturing, supportive, and accepting school for all.