Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedure

  • Student Drop Off/Pick Up


    For the safety of our students, please:

    ·         Use the pickup/drop off circle. Do not leave your car.

    ·         Pull all the way forward toward the MPR Entrance before dropping off your student.

    ·         Do not drop your student off in the parking lot.

    ·         Do not park in the parking lot to wait for your student.

    ·         Your student should exit on the school side of your car.

    ·         Your student should have his/her belongings in the car, not in the trunk


     The parking lot is to be used by parents when they need to park their car and come into the office.  PLEASE DO NOT park in the parking lot to drop your student off.  Use the drop off circle instead.


    Students walking or riding their bikes/scooters to school:

    ·         At the edge of school property turn up toward the school.

    ·         Do not cross any of the parking lot driveways.

    ·         Walk bikes and scooters on school property.


    ·         Do not drop off your student before 8:05am as there is no adult supervision.

    ·         In the morning students will enter using the MPR doors and move to the blacktop at the back of the school until the bell rings at 8:20am.

    ·         If a student needs to see a teacher in the morning before school starts he/she will need to check in at the office.


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