California School Dashboard

  • California has launched a new online resource that gives families and community members a better idea of how our public schools are performing. At LVJUSD, we want to make sure everyone who has a stake in the quality of our schools understands how to use this resource to make informed decisions.

    Remember the Academic Performance Index, or API? The single number, based primarily on test scores, that for years we used to rate and rank public schools? That’s gone.

    The new system, called the California School Dashboard, doesn’t rely just on test scores to tell you how a school is doing. It also gives you detailed information on graduation rates, suspension rates, English learner progress, and more. Are historically high-performing schools improving outcomes for all students? Are schools that have challenges making changes to improve student success? The dashboard gives you much more information to help answer those questions.

    For more information on the California School Dashboard, please visit the California Department of Education (CDE) website page: California Accountability Model & School Dashboard.

    To search for a district's or school's results, please visit the California School Dashboard.