• Dear LHS Parents/Guardians,

    This is an important message for LHS students enrolled in AP classes. Starting September 1, 2023, students will begin registering for AP exams. Registration is a 2-part process: 

    First, students need to join their course section in AP Classroom, using a “join code” provided by their teacher. This step should have already been facilitated and completed with the assistance of the teacher.  If not, click here for instructions on how to “join” a course. 

    Second, students need to purchase AP exams through the TotalRegistration website.

    Each exam is $130.00

    For courses beginning in trimester 1, the purchasing window is September 1 - October 13., 2023. (A late payment/cancellation fee will be $40 per exam after October 20, 2023).  

    For courses beginning in trimester 2, the purchasing window is September 1 - February 2, 2024. 

    No exams will be ordered after February 2, 2024.  

    LHS can only accommodate non-LHS students for testing who reside within the LHS boundaries. Students must email: ewaziri@lvjusd.org and provide a valid ID card and proof of residence.
    Families/students should periodically check their LVJUSD emails for updates.