Enrollment & Transfers

  • The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District has a policy in which students can, if space is available, attend the school of their choosing.  In order to request enrollment at a LVJUSD school outside of your neighborhood boundary, an intra-district transfer request must be made.  These transfer requests of current LVJUSD students from one school to another are allowed and usually granted if there is space available in the grade level requested.

    To view your school assignments by neighborhood, refer to the School Assignment Street Guide.

Types of Transfers

  • Intra-District Transfer: Transferring from one LVJUSD school to another LVJUSD school
    Inter-District Transfer: Transferring from a school outside of the LVJUSD to a school in the LVJUSD or transferring from a LVJUSD school to a school in another District.