Board Committees

  • The Board reorganizes in December each year. New assignments will be posted in January 2019.

Regional & State Committees

  • Alameda County School Boards Association Executive Board
    Members:  Chris Wenzel & Anne White
    Alternate:  All Board Members
    Third Thursday of the month, One year appointment, Evening meetings

    California Interscholastic Federation
    Memebers:  Craig Bueno & Chris Wenzel
    Alternate:  Chuck Rogge

    California School Boards Association
    Members:  All Board Members
    Annual meeting in December, Various annual functions

    Intergovernmental Committee
    Staff Lead/Chair: Kelly Bowers & Chris Van Schaack
    Members:  Craig Bueno & Chris Wenzel
    Alternate:  Emily Prusso
    Meets bi-monthly, Morning meetings

    LAVTA School District Liaison Committee
    Member:  Anne White
    Alternate:  Emily Prusso

    Legislative Network/Advocacy
    Members:  Federal - Craig Bueno, State - Emily Prusso, Local - All
    Alternate:  All Board Members

    Tri-Valley Regional Occupation Program Joint Powers Board
    Staff Lead/Chair:  Mike Biondi & Teresa Fiscus
    Member:  Chuck Rogge
    Alternate:  Emily Prusso
    Two year appointment, Quarterly night meetings

    Tri-Valley Special Education Local Plan Area Joint Powers Board
    Staff Lead/Chair:  Frank Selvaggio, Jennie Kordes & Mike Biondi
    Member:  Chris Wenzel
    Alternate:  Chuck Rogge
    Two year appointment, Evening meetings

    Tri-Valley Education Collaborative
    Staff Lead/Chair:  Kevin Grier & Mike Biondi
    Member:  Anne White
    Alternate:  Craig Bueno & Chuck Rogge
    Quarterly meetings, Thursday mornings

Board-Approved District Committees

  • 7-11 Committee (Surplus Property)
    Staff Chair/Lead:  Chris Van Schaack & Bruce Wilke

    Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Advisory
    District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC)
    Staff Chair/Lead:  Mike Biondi & Susan Kinder

    Parcel Tax Citizens' Oversight Committee -
    Measure G

    Staff Chair/Lead:  Susan Kinder, Teresa Fiscus & Kevin Grier

    Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee -
    Measure J

    Staff Chair/Lead:  Susan Kinder & Tim Boczanowski


Superintendent Committees

  • The Superintendent appoints members to these committees

    Dual Immersion Master Planning
    Lead:  Mike Biondi  Staff: Dayna Taylor
    Member:  Anne White
    Alternate:  Craig Bueno
    Meets once per trimester

    Facilities Advisory Committee
    Lead:  Chris Van Schaack  Staff:  Bruce Wilke & Kim McNeely

    Sustainability Committe

    Lead:  David Darlington  Staff:  Bruce Wilke
    Members:  Craig Bueno & Chuck Rogge
    Alternate:  Anne White
    Meets quarterly

    Parent Club Information Council
    Lead:  Kelly Bowers  Staff:  Mike Biondi & Philomena Rambo
    Member:  All Board Members Rotate
    Monthly meetings at 12:00 noon

    Lead:  Scott Vernoy  Staff:  Philomena Rambo
    Members:  Anne White & Chuck Rogge
    Monthly meetings at 3:30 PM

    Athletics Advisory Committee
    Lead:  Scott Vernoy  Staff:  Melissa Theide
    Member:  Craig Bueno
    Alternates:  Chuck Rogge & Chris Wenzel
    Meets once per trimester

    Technology Committee
    Lead:  Geoff Warner  Staff:  Mike Biondi & Julie Janzen
    Member:  Chuck Rogge
    Alternate:  Chris Wenzel
    Monthly meetings at 3:30 PM

    Special Programs At-Risk Intervention
    Lead:  Kevin Grier  Staff:  Kelly Bowers, Mike Biondi & Scott Vernoy
    Member:  Emily Prusso
    Alternate:  Craig Bueno

    Health & Wellness Committee
    Lead:  Scott Vernoy  Staff:  Cat Arthur
    Member:  Anne White
    Meets monthly or as needed

    Communications Task Force
    Lead:  Philomena Rambo  Staff:  Mike Biondi
    Member:  Emily Prusso
    Alternate:  Craig Bueno
    Meets Wednesday 3:45 - 5:00 PM