• Math

    We use the district adopted curriculum, Investigations by Pearson. Students investigate math concepts and build mathmatical ideas from their investigations. Please click the link below for math units taught.

    Math Curriculum - Pearson Investigations Units


    English Language Arts

    We use the district adopted curriculum, Benchmark Advance. It consists of 10 reading units with a magazine for each unit. Students mark up the passages as they read with notes, symbols, and highlighting text. Some of the units are fiction and some are non-fiction. Each week lessons consist of phonics skills, grammar skills, comprehension skills, and writing skills. There is a test at the end of each week to assess the skills learned. The units are as follows:

    1. Government for the People

    2. Ways Characters Shape Stories

    3. Animal Adaptations

    4. Comparing Points of View

    5. Advancements in Technology

    6. Making Decisions

    7. Communities Then and Now

    8. Weather and Climate

    9. Spending Time and Money

    10. Forces and Interactions