• Marylin Ave School Song
    (Sung to It's a Grand Old Flag)

    It's a Grand Old School
    It's a high-flying school
    It's a place where we all go to learn.
    A place to read, A place to write,
    A place that is really out of sight.

    Everyday is grand
    Cause we all lend a hand
    With a Spirit that is Marylin's kind
    We will keep this Spirit all of our lives
    Marylin Avenue is really fine!


    Marylin Ave School Cheer
    (a repeat after me)

    Marylin Avenue is our school.
    We're here to learn and be real cool.

    Sound off!: 1, 2
    Sound off!: 3, 4

    Around the courner and down the street.
    Marylin Avenue can't be beat!

    Sound off!: 1, 2
    Sound off!: 3, 4
    1, 2, 3, 4