Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the development and implementation of all aspects of the District's instructional program, and the curation and assessment of our TK - 12 curricular and instructional resources. The work of the department is to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality, standards-aligned program that prepares them for success in college and the workplace. The department coordinates and supports curriculum adoption and implementation processes; course development, review, and approval; professional development for leaders and teachers, including the annual summer Leadership Institute; and the meeting of all state and federal requirements. Members of the Curriculum Department work closely with teachers at all schools to support learning.

    The Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs) assigned to the Curriculum Department provide coaching to teachers throughout our district to support alignment of practices and to support District achievement goals. The Department plays an instrumental role in the preparation of our district’s annual Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which sets forth the goals to be achieved for all pupils and student groups, as well as the specific actions our district will take for each student group to achieve academic excellence.

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